Why use Schoolzone

  • We know education better than anyone
  • We have over 200,000 UK teachers and lecturers waiting to communicate with you
  • Over 100,000 international school contacts too

We specialise in education-focused research in both the UK and English medium international schools and UK universities. We carry out over a hundred projects every year on behalf of a diverse range of clients - from charities to publishers to awarding bodies.

The bulk of our research work consists of focus groups, surveys and interviews, but we have a rich variety of other tools at our disposal and will work with you to create a bespoke solution to meet your needs.  Our research services are very flexible and we can do as much or as little as you require or your budget dictates: a complete service from recruitment to reporting or simply the collection of raw data for you to analyse yourself.

Our clients value the quality of our research because it's efficient and effective, and we really know what we're talking about. You won't find another research team with the wealth of experience and expertise that you'll find at Schoolzone. You can be sure that the reports you get back from us have reliable recommendations based on robust evidence. Because we specialise in carrying out education research, we are able to interpret the findings in the context of the wider market, and put forward recommendations which take into account the impact of government policies, curriculum changes and wider teacher preferences.

Our community of teachers and lecturers produce rich research outcomes as they are fully engaged with the projects, really support the work that we do and view Schoolzone as a company helping to shape the future of education. We pay our teachers for taking part in research projects and many are keen to be involved further, for example by becoming early adopters and advocates of the resources about which they have provided feedback.

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