Ways teachers like to work with us

For over 20 years, Schoolzone has been rewarding teachers and lecturers for contributing their professional knowledge and expertise to our research. We've worked with thousands of you and paid you over £1million in that time!

Participants often tell us how much they enjoy taking part in our research. Here are some typical ways of working with us.


Online focus groups

Online focus groups involve a group of around 7 or 8 participants connecting via an online meeting room and over the telephone.

It’s a unique chance to share ideas with peers, find out about new resources or services and influence their development, and to reflect on your own practice. Participants often say its the best CPD they've had for ages, but we also pay, typically, £50 for joining us.

Taking part is really simple, you’ll just need access to a computer and telephone for the duration of the discussion (normally 90 minutes to 2 hours).



Surveys are probably the simplest way to get involved in our research activities. They typically take between 3-5 minutes to complete. They are always about something that's relevant to your profession and we share findings with you when we can.

If you’re a member of our loyalty scheme, we’ll credit your account with £4 for each survey completed. Once you have accumulated £50 in your account (check by logging in), we’ll notify you that you are due a pay out. We do this every quarter.


Telephone interviews

Telephone interviews are an informal one-to-one chat with a Schoolzone researcher.

We call you at a pre-arranged time and date, and the interview typically lasts between 30 to 40 minutes, following a semi-structured script.

This a fantastic opportunity to have your say on a range of topics and issues in the education sphere. We pay rates in excess of £25 per hour.

And the best thing is that they can be arranged at any time to suit you –after school, during your lunch break or in PPA time!


Discussion forums

Our research forums are lively, robust and in depth chat forums in which we invite groups of teachers to share their views and ideas via a secure anonymous forum.

The forums typically run for around 10 days and are password protected. You can login to contribute as many times you like over this period. We pay rates in excess of £25 per hour.

Again, you choose when you want to contribute.


Other ways of working with us

We do loads of different things on behalf of our clients - we always like a challenge - so we might invite you to, for example:

  • Host a visit
  • Write an article
  • Be a secret shopper
  • Write a review
  • Be a trade stand advocate
  • Offer CPD
  • etc

We always pay at least £25 per hour but we'll tell you what the offer is before you commit. Please note that our projects are always oversubscribed, so you'll need to be alert to email invitations and respond quickly.


Any questions or concerns? Please call us on 01242 262906 or email Philip Collie philip@schoolzone.co.uk