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  • The reviews published on our site are not edited or approved by publishers (or anyone else) and no-one has any influence over the content of them.
  • Where they are edited, it's by Schoolzone staff and they are only edited to make sure they read well.
  • Reviewers receive a small incentive, paid by Schoolzone, as a thank you and to try to ensure that we don't just get fan reviews.
  • We ask reviewers to be honest about the resources - they are all current or  recent ex- users. We ask for any negative feedback reviewers might have too.
  • Reviewers are validated as teachers in UK schools - they are all also Schoolzone panel members.
  • Reviews cannot be completed except in response to our direct invitation - no fake reviews.
  • Ratings given in reviews are based on all reviews for each resource completed: not all are yet published.
  • Our review newsletters, sent by email, are a sample of the latest reviews: Schoolzone select which resources to cover based on feedback from our ongoing research or to address topical themes.

If you spot anything you think breaches any of the above, or if you have suggestions for how the reviews could be improved, please let us know: philip@schoolzone.co.uk