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Ofsted and the Education Select Committe

Date: 04.03.2024

Overnight, 1200 teachers told us what they thought of the select committee's report into Ofsted, following the death of Ruth Perry.


  • Teachers were unconvinced by Ofsted’s announced changes following Ruth Perry’s death a year ago.
  • They do not want more in-depth inspections, especially primary teachers.
  • Less frequent inspections of ‘good’ and ‘outstanding’ schools are to be welcomed – it would mean an overall decrease.
  • Extending the notice period would improve the fairness of inspections, though impact on workload is less clear.
  • Staff need better opportunities to contribute their views to Ofsted as part of the inspection process.
  • Lack of relevant expertise among inspectors is an issue for most schools, especially (as the Committee notes) for primary.
  • Reports are not very good at identifying areas that need to be addressed and are even worse at supporting schools in addressing them.
  • The current single-word grade very clearly needs to be replaced.


Read the full report here:

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