Schoolzone | Update on the rise of the curriculum

Update on the rise of the curriculum

Date: 04.12.2018


  • The government puts the spotlight on curriculum by pledging a £7.7 million Curriculum Fund in January 2018
  • In July, there is a further DfE announcement of grants worth up to £2.4 million for schools to pilot curriculum programmes in science, history and
  • The IoE hits back with a blog expressing concern that the DfE’s promotion of a knowledge- rich, teacher led approach is blurring the lines between curriculum and
  • We see conflicting ideologies emerge between the DfE, which favours a knowledge-rich curriculum, and Amanda Spielman, whose speeches over the past year insist that Ofsted will not require schools to follow a particular
  • Meanwhile, the Policy Exchange publishes a paper which argues that unless the government promotes coherent curriculum programmes developed by publishers and other ‘learned societies’, the national curriculum may fail due to poor
  • ...


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Author: Melissa Mackinlay

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