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MATs and social disadvantage

Date: 20.12.2018

The Sutton Trust's fifth and final report, Chain Effects 2018, looks at the effectiveness of the policy strategy of academy sponsorship as a way to improve the educational achievement of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The policy does not seem to be working...


Key findings inlcude:

  • 38 of the 58 had attainment below the mainstream average, including 8 which were well below average.
  • There is little to suggest that the Regional Schools Commissioners are having any success in bringing about improvement in the least well performing chains.
  • Newer academy chains have performed less well than on their first year of inclusion in the study than those already in the study, with almost 8 out of 10 having below average results. 
  • Those chains that were most successful with disadvantaged pupils also tended to be successful with their more affluent pupils, while less successful chains tended to have poor results for both groups.
  • The five-year analysis shows that, in comparison to the national pattern, the overall performance of disadvantaged pupils in sponsored academies in our analysis worsened slightly from 2013 to 2016.


Chain Effects 2018

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