Schoolzone: Face to face teacher focus groups

Face to face teacher focus groups

Sometimes the old methods are the best.

Schoolzone has conducted hundreds of face-to-face focus groups with teachers around the UK. We choose an appropriate venue to suit your requirements and budget: ranging from schools to viewing studios.

Focus groups are an ideal way of finding out what teachers really think and feel about concepts, products, services and initiatives, but successful focus group research relies on a number of key factors:

  • Recruiting a group of teachers who represent your target audience - and paying them well
  • Creating a discussion guide that really gets to the heart of what you want to find out
  • A knowledge and understanding of the wider education market, so that teachers’ comments and feedback can be interpreted within the context of new initiatives and technology, education funding, purchasing trends, and other competitor products
  • Writing a report that not only summarises what has been discussed, but also sets out recommendations and further action.

The Schoolzone research team will ensure that you optimise the information you find out through your focus groups and we'll come to you to present the findings so that we can answer your questions directly.



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