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Under-performing academies: 2018 increase

Date: 15.10.2018

The DfE uses a name and shame approach to academies which are performing badly: not only do they write to the trust, they list all those academies which have received such letters since 2012, which is perhaps a bit harsh, given that many of these letters are subesequently withdrawn. There have been 212 such warnings in that time, with 94 subsequently withdrawn. Currently five (The Grange School, Gloucester Academy, Bridge Learning Campus, Beaumont Hill Academy and Marden Vale CofE Academy) have open 'Minded to Terminate letters' while 29 have received termination notices.

It's difficult to say whether there are any trends to the prevalence of these letters, though this year already shows an increase on last year.


2012 17
2013 24
2014 51
2015 45
2016 34
2017 19
2018 22

Northamptonshire (18) and Kent (12) are those with the biggest numbers of recipients, while AET (15), The Education Fellowship Trust (11) and Kemnal (10) are the trusts which ahve received most letters.

Sponsor led academies (150) are those which are most commonly under-performing, as might be expected, given their backgrounds, while 31 secondary converter academies have received the letters (five of them this year), which seems high given that most of these must have been rated outstanding at the time of conversion.


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