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Trends in teacher numbers

Date: 29.04.2020

Teachers salaries are falling, while pupil:teacher ratios rise.


 The recently proposed teacher pay increases will create a pressure on the largest area of school spending – teacher costs account for around half of all spending.

  • The number of teachers at state-funded schools in England has increased by 12 per cent since the turn of the century. But in recent years the number of teachers has been relatively flat while pupil numbers have been increasing due to a population bulge that started early in the new millennium.
  • More generally, teacher numbers have not kept pace with changes in the pupil population causing rises and falls in the average pupil teacher ratio.
  • Between 2010 and 2017, average teacher salaries fell by £2,900 (7 per cent) in primary schools, and £2,700 (6 per cent) in secondary schools.


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