Schoolzone | The wellbeing of the school workforce in England

The wellbeing of the school workforce in England

Date: 29.04.2020

This is a really interesting study, looking at which job roles and phases are the happiest - or most anxiety-inducing - to work in.

Key findings

  • The average teacher in a mainstream school is happier, more satisfied with life, and finds life more worthwhile than the average graduate, though both have similar levels of anxiety.
  • Secondary teachers report lower levels of happiness, life satisfaction and worthwhileness than primary and early years teachers, but also lower levels of anxiety.
  • Further education lecturers stand out among educators as having high levels of anxiety and the lowest levels of wellbeing.
  • Senior leaders have among the highest levels of positive wellbeing but also the highest levels of anxiety.
  • Educators’ wellbeing has increased over the past seven years, tracking the trend of the graduate population. However, over the same period, their job satisfaction has fallen.


Read the full report here

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