Schoolzone | Rising tide of pupil poverty

Rising tide of pupil poverty

Date: 07.04.2019

Hundreds of secondary schools in England and Wales have reported a rising tide of pupil poverty in a survey conducted by the Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL).

Ninety six per cent said the extent of pupil poverty has increased over the past few years.

  • 91 per cent provide items of clothing for pupils suffering from high levels of disadvantage

  • 75 per cent put on breakfast clubs

  • 71 per cent provide pupils with sanitary products

  • 47 per cent wash clothes for pupils

  • 43 per cent provide food banks or food parcels for pupils/ families

The survey also found that:

  • 92 per cent said there have been cutbacks in local authority support for vulnerable families and young people in their area over the past few years

  • 98 per cent have experienced difficulty in accessing local mental health services for pupils who need specialist treatment – with most attributing this difficulty to a combination of service cut backs and increased demand

  • Nearly all respondents – 405 – reported increased demand for in-school mental health support, with commonly cited reasons being the pressures associated with social media, poverty, cuts to local services, and exams