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Responses to the new Ofsted framework

Date: 29.01.2019

The Key polled its users on reactions to the proposed 2019 changes to Ofsted framework.

Key findings were:

  • All phases, types of school, regions and role of respondent overwhelmingly agree that the proposed ‘quality of education’ judgement is a good thing.
  • For ‘behaviour and attitudes’ and ‘personal development’, secondaries are slightly more likely to be positive about the separate judgements (86% vs 76% in primaries).
  • Among the less positive responses, primary schools are more likely to be against on-site preparation before the inspection starts (69% vs 44% in secondaries) - presuambly they don't welcome the intrusion - and longer section 8 inspections (58% vs 41% in secondaries).
  • The proposal for inspectors not to look at a school’s internal progress and attainment data is the one causing the greatest division, with a close split of 47% in favour, and 43% against. Primary schools are marginally more likely to favour this proposal (51% vs 45% of secondary schools).

It would have been interesting to note variance based on current Ofsted rating, but this is not covered in the poll data.

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