Schoolzone | Music is thriving, but there’s a gap in schools

Music is thriving, but there’s a gap in schools

Date: 01.02.2019

Music is young people’s favourite hobby, equal to gaming and ahead of sport, drama, and dance. Young people are listening to more music than ever before, according to research conducted by Ipsos Mori, for charity, Youth Sight.

The majority of young people are active music-makers and there are more young people making music than in a previous Youth Music survey conducted in 2006.

As other studies have found, music in secondary schools is in decline, posing risks for young people’s creativity and wellbeing and the future economy.

Children from lower income backgrounds are more likely to see themselves as musical and are just as likely as others to sing and play an instrument. They’re statistically more likely to be involved in musical activities that tie in with popular culture such as karaoke, making music on a computer and rapping. But their creative identities often go unrecognised in music education, and they’re less likely to get to more advanced levels of technical ability.

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