Schoolzone | Music: an uncertain future?

Music: an uncertain future?

Date: 11.10.2018

A survey by Sussex University shows how music is suffering in the curriculum.

Key findings include:

  • 70% of music teachers reported often teaching outside their subject area to fill gaps in core subjects.
  • EBacc is having a negative impact on the provision and uptake of music in schools.
  • Key Stage 3: An increasing number of schools have reduced or completely removed music in the curriculum for year 7 students. This means that some schools now offer no music as a curriculum subject and in others it is taught only on an ‘enrichment day’ once a year.  Music in year 9 is compulsory in only 47.5% of schools.
  • At KS4, 18% of schools do not offer GCSE music at all.
  • In sixth forms the number of schools offering a music A-level had fallen by more than 15% in the past two years.


Sussex University findings here

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