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Maths mastery research findings

Date: 28.01.2019

When Schoolzone looked at the DfE's maths teacher exchange programme (MTE) as part of our primary maths reseach in primary schools in 2017, we were struck by one key difference: that the Chinese primary maths teachers we talked to, taught only five hours per week in total - the rest being used for prep, assessment and reporting. And we wondered what we could realistically learn by exhanging teachers for a couple of weeks.

So it's no surprise that the latest evalaution of the MTE conducted by Hallam Univiersity shows:

  • impact of participation in the MTE alone does not indicate any effect on attainment, either at KS1 or at KS2
  • the relationship between reported level of implementation of MTE mastery pedagogy practices and outcomes not indicate any effect on attainment
  • schools that appeared to have implemented a Shanghai-informed mastery approach to maths teaching did find a low positive effect on attainment at KS1 (with caveats)
  • a longitudinal analysis of Y6 pupil attitudes  indicates no statistically significant change in cognitive affect towards mathematics, preference for working alone, or mathematics anxiety.

The exchange continues until 2020.

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