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Looking for an NQT? Which are most likely to stay

Date: 15.10.2018

If you're looking for an NQT next year, you might want to bear in mind the stats concerning those likely to stay on in school. Essentially, the data suggests that young, white, female teachers in primary schools are those most likely to stick with it.

Teachers who did an undergraduate ITT in HE rather than school-based, outside London and in a non-STEM subject are also better bets.

All of which suggests that programs to attract more ethnic minorites and second career professionals to train in schools (especially in the capital), perhaps to attract men into primary, may be under-achieving: even if they manage to get teachers into NQT posts, they aren't staying on as well beyond the early career. Which is sad, because the main body of this report is actually about government initiatives to do just that!


Other observations:

NQTs with post A Level qualifications in Modern Foreign Languages the most likely to leave after 5 years.

NQTs in Inner London the most likely to leave after 5 years, those in the North East and East Midlands most likely to stay.


Do we need a cultural shift in schools, so that they are more supportive to male, ethnic minorities? Look at the staff lists pages of most provincial (esp rural) primary schools and you'll see nothing (or almost nothing) but white women teachers. Is this OK?


Full report here


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