Schoolzone | Kapow Primary Art review by Jonathan

Kapow Primary Art review by Jonathan

Date: 05.05.2022


Review subject: Art

Phase: Primary

Reviewer: Jonathan, Art coordinator

  • Rural LA maintained school 179 pupils in Lincolnshire
  • Ofsted rating: Requires improvement
  • FSM: 20.7%


Review rating:

Average rating across all Kapow Art reviews: 4.2/5


How well does it match the curriculum?

Reasonably: It’s good enough for the money, but needs some additional resources

Good in terms of resources but the print making unit was a nightmare as it didn't work despite using the recommended resources and following all the instructions.


How well does it support your school’s inclusion/diversity/equal opportunities policy?

Well: The content is inclusive and sensitively presented

Does the job


How well does it support differentiation for the full range of the classes you use it with?

Reasonably: There is some differentiation

Overall pretty good but no better than what I could plan myself


How well does it engage and motivate pupils?

Reasonably: We can’t use it too often or for too long

Videos are good starting points


How well supported is it by accompanying formative assessments?

Reasonably: There is some formative assessment included, but its usefulness is a bit limited

Lack of online recording


How well does it support planning?

Well: It’s fairly self-contained and can be used with minimal preparation

Everything is well planned


How well does it support home use / independent learning?

Reasonably: It could be used at home or independently, but pupils would need some extra support or resources

Lacks option to download videos


How would you rate it for value for money compared to similar resources?

Reasonably: It represents about the same value for money as similar resources I’ve seen

Could be better


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