Schoolzone | Kapow Art review by B

Kapow Art review by B

Date: 05.05.2022


Review subject: Art

Phase: Primary

Reviewer: B, Teacher

  • Urban Academy 639 pupils (oversubscribed) in Lincolnshire (oversubscribed)
  • Ofsted rating: Good
  • FSM: 9.1%


Review rating:

Average rating across all Kapow Art reviews: 4.2/5

Great to have pdfs as means I can focus on gathering all the resources I need and Smart boards are quick to make


How well does it match the curriculum?

Well: It covers the curriculum as well as we expected

Some great ideas given


How well does it support your school’s inclusion/diversity/equal opportunities policy?

Well: The content is inclusive and sensitively presented

Seems to be good as has art for multiple faiths eg Islam, Hindi


How well does it support differentiation for the full range of the classes you use it with?

Well: A large majority of resources are suitably differentiated for pupils

SEN don’t seem to find it easy so have to adapt it myself


How well does it engage and motivate pupils?

Brilliantly: Pupils love using and are excited when they know they are going to do so

The ideas are great and the kids love it



How well does it support planning?

Brilliantly: It has everything you could need and is straightforward to use with classes

Great to have pdfs, so does my job for me


How well does it support home use / independent learning?

Well: Pupils could be expected to use this at home or independently, with a minimum amount of support or additional resources

I have to adapt for parents a bit


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