Schoolzone | Increasing EBacc entry rates

Increasing EBacc entry rates

Date: 22.07.2019

The DfE conducted research into how schools have (or haven't) increased EBacc uptake. Here are the key findings from this small scale research study.

Schools which had increased their EBacc entry rates were routing pupils into an EBacc pathways in one of three ways:

  • Making the study of EBacc subjects compulsory for almost all pupils.
  • Selecting certain pupils to enter into an EBacc pathway at Key Stage 4.
  • Allowing a free choice of options but strongly encouraging the take up of EBacc subjects.

Schools who had not significantly increased their EBacc entry rates spoke about what advice or lessons they wanted to learn from schools who had increased their EBacc entry rates. Broadly, they wanted to know:

  • How to encourage more pupils to take EBacc subjects
  • How to set up options to promote EBacc and maintain a broad and balanced
  • How to support pupils to engage with Modern Foreign Languages (MFL)
  • How to support pupils with lower ability levels
  • How to increase engagement and achievement rates
  • How to secure high quality staff to deliver EBacc subjects
  • How to ensure progression from primary schools and beyond the secondary
  • What is the development journey to increasing EBacc entry rates?


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