Schoolzone | How much does Early Years cost?

How much does Early Years cost?

Date: 06.03.2019

The average total weekly delivery cost is just under £3,000, while the average total weekly income is around £4,000. Average total costs and income vary substantially by provider type, reflecting differences in provider size as well as other factors. The average ratio of total income to total cost is 1.35 and is higher for private and voluntary providers than for Maintained Nursery Schools and childminders.

As in most things, the costs vary mainly by how much staff are paid.

This report includes an analysis of:

  • the cost and income structure for different types of early years providers
  • revenue sources, including parental fees and funding levels
  • the reasons why costs vary across the early years market

It also includes a comparison with data collected in 2015 as part of the SEED cost and funding of early education report. 

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