Schoolzone | German and French drop by half in UK schools

German and French drop by half in UK schools

Date: 27.02.2019

BBC analysis of JCQ shows just how far numbers have fallen in GCSE languages over the last 15 years. The increase in numbers brought about by the government's attempts to boost EBacc uptake a few years ago has largely now been overturned. Schools that performed well in EBacc tended to be those which did well in languages, so there was additoinal motivation to perform well, but Progress 8 doesn't reward languages performance in the same way. Might there also be a Brexit effect - with students being less interested in Europe?

A-level langage adoption is also in general decline.

According to a BBC schools survey, the main reason for the decline is the perception that languages are difficult - presumably this has come from languages teachers. It's not clear why they are finding languages more difficult than they used to though.


BBC article

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