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Funding, catch-up and school re-opening

Date: 24.06.2020

As soon as the govt announced its plans for a tuition service and £650 million of school funding and as plans for September for Covid re-opening started to emerge, we asked our teacher panel for their reactions. 2,150 responded: here's an overview of what they said.




Catch up plans

  • Only 7% of schools have firm plans for providing catch-up learning over the summer.
  • The additional £650 million is not expected to go far in funding catch-up.
  • Teachers think that summer camps for art, music, drama and physical mental wellbeing would be beneficial.


Plans for September

  • Two thirds of teachers are supportive of the ‘blended’ approach to re-opening.
  • Teachers can broadly see the benefits of a synchronised curriculum at keys stages 1 to 3.
  • The new tuition service receives an overall positive response, with over half of teachers agreeing that it will be an effective part of the program to help catch up.
  • Teachers mostly say that they would want to offer this service to pupils they have identified as having fallen behind.
  • The best way to deliver the service might be via withdrawal from lessons.
  • Trained teachers (ex- or practicing) would be the best people to staff the service.


New funding

  • The new funding should not be targeted entirely at pupils who attract pupil premium funding.
  • Teachers expect to spend 40% of the £650 million allocated to schools, on resources.
  • Online interactive learning resources and support for pupils’ health and wellbeing as well as new devices and, in primary, more physical learning resources are high on the list of priorities.
  • The other 60% is expected to be spent on additional staffing, tuition, premises etc.



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