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Best in Class 2018

Date: 29.08.2018

The Sutton Trust commissioned surveys of teachers and school leaders to examine attitudes to evidence and ‘what works’ in school decision-making, how targeted money for less well-off pupils is spent, and perceptions of academy trusts amongst teachers.

  • Use of evidence to inform school decision making has been rising in England since 2012. 68% of school leaders and 45% of teachers cite the use of research evidence. 59% of senior leaders and 23% of teachers use the Sutton Trust/EEF Toolkit to inform evidence-based teaching methods, with awareness among teachers increasing more than fivefold since 2012.
  • Early interventions are the highest priority for spending funding targeted at disadvantaged students (the ‘pupil premium’), with 31% of teachers in England citing it as the priority.
  • 34% of school leaders in England say pupil premium funding is being used to plug gaps in their budget, up from 30% in 2017. Staff cuts are also on the increase because of tightening budgets.
  • 30% of academy leaders in England feel that academy autonomy has no effect in the classroom, with 18% saying it has a negative effect. Of the teachers who believed it had a positive influence, the gains cited most were freedom over the curriculum (59%), allocation of resources (57%), along with increased collaboration across schools (45%).

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