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Are free schools working?

Date: 22.10.2019

This EPI study finds that free schools have added:

- 11 primary places per 1,000 pupils in areas with the greatest demand for school places and 4 per 1,000 in low demand areas.

- 4 secondary places per 1,000 pupils in these areas with high demand, but 15 places per 1,000 pupils in these low demand areas.

In other words, primary free schools have had some impact in addressing the need for extra places, but that 3/4 of secondary free schools places have been created where they aren't needed.


However, at primary level, free school intakes are still more affluent than expected for their local areas and average pupil attainment in primary free schools is among the lowest of all state-funded schools.

The picture of intake and performance at secondary level is better.


Read the full report here

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