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How to... Plan your research: Meet your objectives

Date: 01.08.2013
The How to... guides are currently unavailable.;Please email to be contacted as soon as they become available again.;One of a series of Research in Schools "How to" guides, designed to help practitioners run research projects in education;Thinking of embarking on your own research project? The better you plan your research at the outset, the easier the whole process will be and the more likely you are to answer your question at the end. Putting time into your planning will save you time in the long run. Additionally, a thoroughly planned research proposal is more likely to get the necessary approval in the first place!;This simple, succinct, easy-to-read guide takes you through the five steps to planning your research. Acting as a prompt to ensure you have everything covered, it will help to narrow down your focus to make it achieveable. Once you know what you want to research and how you want to investigate it, you then need to pin down the detail by using the simple checklist. It also includes a list of practical considerations, like time and resources, that need to be planned ahead in a busy educational environment.;Written by NFER researchers this guide will ensure you plan your research based on professional guidance.