Schoolzone loyalty scheme - terms and conditions

NOTE that in joining our loyalty scheme you are also agreeing to Schoolzone's consultancy terms and conditions

  1. The Schoolzone Loyalty Scheme is open to educational professionals including non-teaching staff who are currently employed in a school or other learning institution which educates pupils from the age of 3-post 16. It also includes Local Authority advisers who are employed to support these institutions.
  2. To begin collecting loyalty points you must be registered as a Schoolzone user.
  3. Loyalty points will be awarded for completing online surveys. The rate paid for responding to Schoolzone mailers may vary, and Schoolzone retains the right to send out mailers which do not carry a loyalty incentive.
  4. Loyalty points will be accrued until the Schoolzone loyalty scheme registered user (‘user’) has earned £25 minimum. Schoolzone reviews those scheme members who are at or over the £25 amount every quarter and will then send the user an email to their registered email to remind them that they have 90 days in which to claim the amount due from their loyalty scheme points. Users must then activate their claim replying to the email and confirming to Schoolzone, within that 90 day period, details of the Paypal or bank account into which the sums are to be paid. Payment will be then made into the user’s nominated account. Schoolzone is not liable for any charges that may be made by Paypal or the user’s bank to open or use a Paypal or bank account.
  5. Any sums accrued in the account attributable to this £25 sum but unclaimed after the 90 day period will be voided in the user’s account and become none-payable by Ltd.
  6. Loyalty points will be linked with your unique URL. If you change your email address without notifying Schoolzone, you will cease to accrue loyalty points.
  7. Users may not have more than one Schoolzone registered account. Checks will be carried out when new Users register, and if the account is found to belong to an existing User, the accounts will be deleted. Repeated attempts to register more than one account will be treated as fraudulent, and the relevant authorities will be notified.
  8. Points will be earned for unique survey submissions only. Repeated submissions from the same user account or URL will not earn additional points. Completing the same survey more than once will not be rewarded with additional points. Deliberate and repeated attempts to earn additional loyalty will be considered to be fraudulent.
  9. Loyalty scheme points are non transferable to other accounts and may not be claimed by a third party.  
  10. Unused loyalty scheme accounts will become null and void after 2 years.
  11. Schoolzone is not responsible for deduction of Tax and National Insurance which will not therefore be deducted from payments made to Users.  It is the responsibility of the User to make his/her own arrangements.

 August 2010